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Savings Funds Limited

Open account

Savings Funds Ltd.Provides its service only for the members of the SavingsFunds club and for the clients of its contractual partners.

The company Savings Funds Limited offers for the clients or companies.

Personal accounts        -  personal account link      
Corporate accounts      -  corporate account link    

The type and currency of the account that the client wants to open, is to be chosen in two ways:

For the registration

In the registration form, the client can choose which type of account to be opened - personal or corporate and he can also choose the account currency – USD or EUR.

You can simply check the required field in the form with the proposed solutions. It is necessary to fill at least one account and you can require several accounts at the same time.

Upon the registration

If the client chooses one account in the registration and later he wants to use other accounts, he will do so already as a member of Savings Funds group and he will log in to his registered profile. Then he will send a requirement via an internal message to add another account.

The message must include the type and currency of the account that he wants to open. This requirement is sent automatically to be processed by the support of Savings Funds and it is solved as soon as possible, at the latest within 24 hours upon it has been sent.

Restriction and delimitation of responsibility: We are not a registered bank. We offer these financial services in compliance with the enterprising act of New Zealand. The Client is fully aware of the fact that the company SavingsFunds Limited is not a registered bank and understands this fact. – The Client is also aware of the fact that the company SavingsFunds Limited does not have a banking licence. The Client and the user understand that the company Savings Funds Limited enterprises in the domain of finances on the basis of enterprising authorization and acts of New Zealand where the provision of banking services to the Clients is acceptable. However, the client must be informed beforehand that this is not a registered bank. These services can be required by anybody, but not by the natives of New Zealand. We have no subsidiaries and we have our headquarters in New Zealand. All of our services are provided via internet and only to the private clients of our business partners who searched for our company. Please, read carefully the General conditions and any important information. Our services do not guarantee the financial independence and they are connected with some costs Of course, we prepared our professional services with minimum risk and good profit, but they always carry some risk. Please bear in mind that you cannot be our client, if you think that our services are considered to be illegal in your country. If you agree with this, you confirm that you agree and you can continue reading the following text.